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This is the sparkle that lights up our hearts and warms up the blood in our veins; the call that ignites our purpose. A flame that never stops dancing and daring us to move.

We are the keepers of our own flame and we have the responsibility to build the magnificence of our own internal fire, so we can be honored with the ability to ignite and inspire hundreds of other flames in the world.


It’s the moment of the truth.

It’s when we look ourselves in the eyes and decide to take action.

To move in pain, to be vulnerable and brave enough to step into a zone of discomfort.

To jump into unknown territories with all our humanity. The good and the bad. The whole package.  Recognizing our cracks and finding beauty in them.

To surrender, to say yes, to show up, to be on time, to step up and let God and the Universe take control.


Only from the eyes of our inner child we can awake all our senses to be fully present and observe, question, explore, and learn.

Curiosity drives our adventurous spirit and takes us into a garden of possibilities.

We are here. We see you. We recognize you.  We listen to you. We are honored by your presence and your essence. 

Curiosity is the bridge between our questions and answers, our differences and similarities, our shared light.


To be in complete and constant gratitude for the unlimited force that lives in all of us. To feel connected and covered by that sacred blanket that makes us ONE.

Love is the mystery that defies death. The fragility of a flower, the innocence of a child, the whisper of our loved ones.  God.

We want to live inlove. Inlove with ourselves, with our world, with nature, with our family, and with every human being that crosses our path.

Only from love, with love, and for love we can fully live our life in coherence with our purpose and the purpose of the universe.


Through the process of weaving, we gain a better understanding of this world and how we as human beings are woven into it.  It’s being aware of the threads that connect us with one another.
We have the power to artistically blend our different colors, textures, experiences, emotions, knowledge, skills into a beautiful and useful tapestry.


We can be beautiful on our own, but we can be stunning together. The result is a piece of art made with our interlaced beings.

Our Values

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