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We do not know each other yet, but the fact that you are reading these lines is already bringing us closer.


I was born in Colombia a few decades ago. I live in Chile now, where I have been finding my vocation and my purpose through my work as Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant. I am a human and communication addict, a tireless explorer of paths and possibilities. A search engine that does not stop searching. A strong believer that the human adventure is pure mystery and amazement, for those who are willing to look at it.

Looking back, I see with satisfaction a journey full of amazing personal and professional challenges. From earning a degree as an architect in Bogota in the 1980s, my period with the United Nations Habitat Center in the early 1990s, my discovery of communication and marketing that accompanied me at the turn of the millennium, to my encounter with Ontological Coaching in 2003, which marked a before and after in my professional development. It was at that time that I made a transformative and very risky decision to leave my role as General Manager of a multinational marketing company in Chile and to embark on a path as an Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant.

From that time until today, I have been developing a transformative vision of organizations, through thousands of hours working with executives at the first and second levels, discovering the possibility of evolving the traditional goal of companies from “profitability at all costs” to an integral conception of sustainability: Conscious Business, Conscious Culture, and Conscious Leadership. And at the end of the day, I see an obvious reality: people make the difference, people can change the reality of a world that we all want to be different.


During all these years, my sister Lelu and I have always been connected; we identify with each other in a way that we cannot explain. It is as if the universe is continuously talking to us, challenging us to walk together without a clear destination but with an absolute certainty we are going in the right direction. We just know and feel it's something we have to do, as a way of honoring our shared curiosity and our mother's legacy of love.


Like my sister, I am also passionate about learning, creativity, and the challenge of transcending ourselves as human beings and as teams and organizations.

I believe in coincidences and I am sure that if you are reading these words it is because there is a reason why our paths are crossing. 

I do not believe in love as merely a romantic feeling. I believe love is the greatest creative force in the universe and it challenges me permanently to go beyond the limits of my ego and my identities to merge into new possibilities of being and dancing with you.

Raul Pacheco

Co-Founder and Business Director

Senior Principal Consultant, Axialent Chile

Executive Coach & Organizational Consultant
Points of You® Practitioner

Skype: raul.pacheco

Santiago de Chile, Chile

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