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Yaron is one of the founders and owners of Points of You and is the company’s CEO.
He has built Points of You into an international brand with a growing presence in over 150 countries worldwide. Yaron is an experienced life and business coach with an academic background in business management and psychology. 

Yaron has become recognized internationally as a professional who is creating new tools and processes that are changing the face of management and leadership. He has taken a leadership role in recognizing that modern coaching, team-building and leadership development programs often lack authenticity and trust and he is now recognized as a game changer who is contributing to the modernization of the discipline of management.

Yaron Golan
Points of You®

Amy Bosley is proud to work at the Aspen-prize winning Valencia College where she has served students in a variety of capacities. Early in her career, she began teaching as an adjunct and dual enrollment instructor in the Communications Department. After moving to a full-time teaching position, Amy earned tenure in 2003 and developed myriad teaching modalities and strategies for increasing student access and student success in the basic public speaking course. Amy served as the president of the college-wide faculty association and was awarded the Sue Luzadder Endowed Chair in Communication to advance her work in online learning. She completed her doctorate in Organizational Leadership and developed the office for organizational communication and development. Most recently, Amy is serving as the vice president of organizational development and human resources where her goal is to impact student success through Valencia’s excellent faculty and staff.

Amy Bosley
Valencia College

Founder and Director of the Transpersonal School of Psychology (Escuela de Psicologia Transpersonal) which is present in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Spain.


Daniel received training in NLP, endorsed by The Southern Institute of NLP; in Gestalt Therapy in Esalen; as logotherapist in the Mendocina Society of Logotherapy; in Psychoanalytic Clinic in several post-graduate degrees in the UDA and in Spyral Dynamics by its co-creator: Dr. Chris Cowan of the United States. He is President of the University Foundation of Integral Studies, with Headquarters in Argentina; Honorary President of the Latin American Corporation of Integral Thinking, headquartered in Ecuador, Co-founder and President, together with Architect Pedro Arellano from the Tierra del Encuentro Foundation, Republic of Chile and Member of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology (USA). He is the author of numerous articles and books, including "The Primal Bond" and "Primal Dance", published by Editorial Continente and "Coaching Primordial" published by Ediciones Eleusis. Creator of the Human Development Model "Primordial Interactions" and their methods of application, Primordial Coaching and Primordial Psychotherapy, which include methods of linguistic-cognitive work (Primordial Communication), corporal-energetic (Primal Dance) and Meditative (Organic Meditation ).

Raul is the co-founder of Co-Emerging Consultants and the senior principal consultant for Axialent, Chile. He has more than 25 years of experience in leadership and organizational development. 

Raul is a senior consultant in communications and corporate Affairs. Certified Coach from The Newfield Network and adjunct coach with the Center for Creative Leadership. Founding President of the ICF-International Coach Federation, Chapter Chile.  Former General Manager of Wunderman - Y & R Inc. Chile. 


Raul believes this is the time to begin an important organizational reinvention process towards a new paradigm of awareness, responsibility and commitment, where people and results go hand in hand. As a Coach and Consultant he is dedicated to facilitating the integration of new competencies and skills of Conscious Leadership and the evolution towards a new type of company capable of operating from unconditional responsibility and authentic communication, generating truly conscious Cultures and Companies.

Daniel Taroppio
Valencia College

Raul Pacheco
Co-Emerging Consultants

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