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February 11-13, 2018 

Valencia College, Collaborative Design Center

1800 South Kirkman Rd, Orlando, Florida

Points of Leadership is the beginning of a conversation for a collaborative and innovative approach to a new understanding of leadership in today's world.  Organizations are evolving and the understanding of leadership has been developing from a simple, vertical, and hierarchical vision to a systemic, sustainable and integral practice, with a high social impact. This international symposium will explore new approaches to authentic leadership, from an innovative and integral perspective. 

Points of Leadership is an international conversation and learning symposium, developed by Co-Emerging in collaboration with Points of You®, the South American School of Integral Transpersonal Psychology, Synchronicity and the Valencia Collaborative Design Center. Points of Leadership is a unique experience, which will take place in one of the most innovative learning centers in the United States: The Collaborative Design Center in Orlando. A space created from neuroscience research applied to architecture, and raised from the theory of Design Thinking.

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Top Benefits of Attending

  • Discover the Points of You® method and games by immersing yourself in experiential activities that will lead you to unexpected but precise results.  Register by November 30, 2017 and take one Punctum game home with you!


  • Learn about the latest leadership trends and how to apply them.  Design Thinking, Conscious Business, HearthMath, Transpersonal Psychology and Energy Leadership.

  • Coaches: Expand your coaching toolkit and get 12 Continuing Education Credits towards your Certified Coach credential from ICF.  Human Resources Professionals: Obtain 12 Professional Development Credits toward your PHR or SPHR certification with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).


  • Make new connections and get other perspectives on some of your most pressing leadership challenges.


  • Develop a network that you can re-connect with once you return to work.  New people, new ideas, and access to a whole new Points of Leadership network!


  • Step back, sort through, think creatively, reflect, re-invent and experience leadership from a whole new perspective. 


Early-Registration: $1,100.00 (until November 30, 2017)

Standard Registration Fee: $1,300 (after November 30, 2017)


The symposium brings together professionals from all around the world and inspire them to reach their highest leadership potential. Participants are leaders and aspiring leaders from all organizational levels and various backgrounds, including business, non-profit, education, health, and many others. This is a unique opportunity to connect with people who share the desire for a more meaningful and authentic kind of leadership.


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Keynote Presenters

Yaron Golan, Co-Founder and CEO, Points of You, Israel

Amy Bosley, Vice President, Organizational Development and Human Resources, Valencia College, United States

Daniel Taroppio, Founder of Escuela de Psicologia Transpersonal Integral, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay

Raul Pacheco, Co-Founder, Co-Emerging Consultants


Katie Tagye, Director, Collaborative Design Center, Valencia College

Lelu Pacheco, Co-Founder and CEO, Co-Emerging Consultants

Ricardo Jimenez, Director, Synchronicity

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