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MyIntent Bracelet

Your WORD can be up to 14 characters. You may have multiple WORDs as long as your total characters don't exceed 14 (a space counts as 1 character).
At this time, we only stamp using the English alphabet comprised of 26 letters from A-Z.
For languages with a different alphabet we suggest to spell it out phonetically, like "LOVE" in Chinese would be “AI”.  WORDs are stamped in uppercase letters only.
We also support the & symbol. 

All of our chain Necklaces and Keychains are made of Brass and are coated with a mixture of materials we are unfortunately unable to identify the exact composition of.
If you are prone to experiencing allergic reactions to worn materials, we suggest considering an item made with string (our Bracelets), as an alternative to an item containing a chain.
If you already purchased one of our items and you are experiencing an allergic reaction to it, we recommend to stop wearing the product and email us at so we may replace it with a different type of item of equal or lesser value.


Product orders cannot be cancelled, returned or refunded once payment is received because these are all custom orders. Please be sure of your word and style choice before placing order.

Defective Order Policy (Or Replacement Policy)
If there is a defect in the product such as a broken band or misspelled word, we will replace the piece. Please email us at with your order number and a photo of your defective product and we will replace immediately. This “defective” is only for misspelling and wrong product. Preference for spacing or alignment is not considered defective.

Please remember these are all unique handmade pieces and perceived “imperfections” are part of the charm of the product.

All requests for adjustments or replacements must be submitted within 30 days of ordering for us to replace.

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