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My brother Raul Eduardo and I have always been connected in a special and mysterious way.  We never lived together under the same roof because when I was born he was already married and was living in a different city with his wife Claudia.  However; life reunited us at various stages and ultimately brought us together last year; when we saw very clearly the signs that confirmed our desire of "creating something" for us and for others...

Everything started at a conference that we both attended in February of 2016 in San Francisco called Wisdom 2.0.  We shared those days as if we were kids again, re-discovering one another and expanding our wings to fly with our dreams. We knew we needed to do something together, but didn't know what or how...we still don't know (lol!). However, the universe always has a plan.  Our Mom passed on December 2 of 2016.  She was diagnosed in August with a terminal cancer and she died in December in a room full of love...with my Dad Raul, my sister Aura Sofia, my brother Raul Eduardo and I at her side. Reading her poems and telling her how much we loved her. She was my best friend, my confident, my hero, my everything and when she left I confirmed how beautiful her soul was...not only to us but to many people who stopped by to tell us their stories with tears in their eyes, remembering how my Mom helped them, listened to them, guided them, coached them, and loved them. 

We want to be able to continue with her legacy and keep finding ways to get into the hearts and souls of everyone who crosses our paths.  We want to know you, we want to work with you and co-emerge!  

I live in Orlando, Florida with my husband Andres and my little princess Natalia.  I am an Organizational Psychologist, with nine years of experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development and five years of experience in Conferencing, Marketing and Event Planning. I am a certified Points of You trainer (I learned about Points of You at the Wisdom Conference and it changed my life at so many levels).  I have a certification in Human Resources accredited by SHRM and HRCI; a certification in Predictive Index and Foursight assessments and I am an ontological coach in training with Newfield Network. 

I am passionate about learning.  I love to create...invite movement, approach challenges, and foster unexpected spaces to help individuals and organizations reach their goals by using amazing tools like Points of You.   

I don't want to bore you with more of me, but really want to get to know you and share more of our stories.  Perhaps we can meet for coffee soon :

Leda Pacheco

Co-Founder, Co-Emerging

Organizational Psychologist

Points of You Certified Trainer

SHRM Certified HR Professional

Ontological Coach (in training)

Raul Pacheco

Co-Founder, Co-Emerging,

Senior Principal Consultant, Axialent Chile

Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant

My name is Raul and my family calls me Ayo.  I was born in Colombia a few decades ago. I live in Chile now, where I have been finding my vocation and my purpose through my work as executive coach and organizational consultant. I am a human and communication addict, a tireless explorer of paths and possibilities. A search engine that does not stop searching. A strong believer that the human adventure is pure mystery and amazement, for those who are willing to look at it.

My sister Lelu and I had always been connected and we identify with each other in a way that we cannot explain. It is as if the universe is talking to us permanently, challenging us to walk together without a clear destination but with an absolute certainty of going on the right direction. We just know and feel it's something we have to do, as a way of honoring our shared curiosity and our mother's love legacy.


Like my sister I am also passionate about learning, creativity and the challenge of transcending ourselves as human beings, as teams and organizations.

I believe in coincidences and I am sure that if you are reading these words it is because there is a reason why our paths are crossing. 

I do not believe in love as a romantic feeling. I believe love is the greatest creative force in the universe and it challenges me permanently to cross the limits of my ego and my identities to merge into new possibilities of being and dancing with you …

​Hi there,

I am excited to introduce myself and start connecting with you!

My name is Leda but people called me Lelu and I love it! I am the co-founder of Co-Emerging and I am very proud to share with you how this beautiful adventure started.  

I was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia and I came to this world because my Mom always believed in me and it is her strength and her love which has guided me to find my passion.  Co-Emerging is a tribute to her.

My Mom got infected with rubella before the third month of pregnancy and at that time there were no sonograms or any tests that could predict if I was affected by my Mom's illness. The doctors, family and friends asked her to end the pregnancy because I was going to be born blind, with a mental disability or other serious problems.  However, my Mom decided to keep me and fought against all odds.

I was born on May 26 of 1977 completely healthy and already in a hurry!  my Mom almost had me in a taxi cab; but managed to get in the hospital with my Dad.  The doctor couldn't arrive on time because I decided I wanted to be born on my Dad's arms.  My Mom always said she didn't feel any pain during labor; she said it was a magical moment that ended with that sacred space between the three of us. She always called me "my miracle little girl". 


I knew I came to this world because I needed to accomplish something special, but didn't know how or when.  Now, I think I am beginning to understand. 

About Us...

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